About our service

Mytabib.com offers doctors and hospitals the unique opportunity to connect with local and global patients in just a few clicks. Our website serves as a marketing platform for medical service providers to showcase their expertise, treatments, services and get more patients.
MyTabib house a reputable list of doctors and hospitals where patients can easily search for their preferred medical service providers. Mytabib.com offers advertisement for doctors and hospitals wherein they can show their treatments, services, prices, timings, locations and other information they need to know about the hospitals. Furthermore, Mytabib.com focus less on marketing but more on patient care that is why we allow our patients to review and contact clinics listed in our website.
MyTabib.com is a Dubai based company that operates in a global platform and welcome clinics from all over the world. If you would like to list your doctors and hospitals you can visit our website and fill out the registration process.

Managing patient enquiries

Enquiries are done by Patients and Users of Mytabib.com; an enquiry is a real referral from а person looking for a specific treatment based on his/her location. Mytabib delivers all enquiries through phone or via email directly to the clinics, we make sure that all queries are specific, relevant and appropriate. This service is completely free for patients to make an enquiry on the website.Mytabib.com sells packs of leads to clinics who are interested in accommodating patients. However, it is important to know for doctors and clinics that an enquiry is not a confirmed patient. It is the clinic’s responsibility to follow up on all enquiries. The patient will make the final decision on which clinic they will have the procedure.
Enquiries will be sent directly to hospital's email address and it will also be sent to Mytabib's support group to make sure that all enquiries are being assisted.
All enquiries from patients are being sent directly to hospital’s email address and to your Mytabib account and you can access it to your inquiry folder in your clinic dashboard.
We encourage our doctors and hospitals to respond to the patient’s enquiry as soon as possible. Not responding within 24 hours can significantly reduce the probability that a patient will book a medical treatment in your clinic.

Listing clinic on MyTabib

You can add your clinic by signing up located at the top right corner of the page through www.mytabib.com for free. Click register once you are done putting your name and email address.
Yes, mytabib.com offers an advertisement plan for doctors and hospitals to promote their medical practice from networks of patients around the world. However, the website focus on patient’s health care wherein the website allows the user to browse and search for medical service providers based on their requirements.
Clinic profiles include a general description, summary, history of the facility, images, location, services offered and medical procedures and price ranges. It also contains information about doctors, staff and medical reviews from the patients from which they received the treatments.
Mytabib patients who have experience treatments from clinics listed in Mytabib’s database write reviews. Mytabib does not edit or delete these reviews unless they violated the review policy and term of use.

About payment

Mytabib offers paid-for services; only for 10USD per lead we can secure you a flow of fresh patient leads on a PPL or price per lead model. The offer may start from 10 USD per lead but can vary on location and nature of clinic. Call us using these numbers +971 4 447 2818 for the sum estimated for your clinic.