Benefits of having a good oral health


Good oral health does not only end with just by brushing your teeth nor with the brand of toothpaste or mouthwash you are using. These products are just one of the factors that could create an impact about your overall oral health. Why not try to visit your favorite dentist? He will surely help you about the condition of your teeth.

All of us wanted to have a perfect set of teeth; we are all dreaming about how did Angelina Jolie came out with that Hollywood smile. Some say that our smile is our best accessory but how can you have that perfect smile if a tooth is missing? Therefore, a good oral hygiene must be considered at all times.

I listed here some of the scientific facts on how does have a good oral health could affect our overall well-being.

Importance of brushing your teeth

to brush my teethSince the beginning, our moms taught us how to brush our teeth using a conventional toothbrush. As we go older we are introduced into some modern way on how to take care of our teeth, an electric toothbrush is currently making its way and studied to be the most effective tool when brushing our teeth. According to The Dental health foundation, brushing your teeth using electric toothbrush would be more effective in cleaning your teeth than using the manual toothbrush. However, using a conventional toothbrush does not bring you in trouble instead use a brush with oscillating head and know the proper strokes when brushing.

A study conducted by Cochrane Oral health group that using an electric brush for over three months found out that there is a 21 per cent reduction in plaque and an 11 per cent reduction in gum inflammation compare with manual brushing. However, it does not mean that manual toothbrush is useless, they also work pretty well if you use them properly, but the problem is people tend to create a system over time that is why some of the areas are missed out.

If you chose to use the manual toothbrush, pick the one with a smallish head and medium bristles making it easier to reach even in between of your teeth. Whether it is the electric or manual toothbrush, it is about finding what will work for you.

How many times do I need to brush my teeth?

If you can brush your teeth after each meal that would be very good but at a very least, brush your teeth twice daily for two minutes and floss with the night brushing. The question mainly is when do we brush our teeth, before or after we eat? According to the director of the oral clinical unit at Kings College London Dental Institute, Rebecca Moazzez that it depends on you have eaten. “ The main thing to be careful of is fruit juice or fresh fruit because they contain acid that can make the surface of the tooth quite soft.” If you brush your teeth at this point, you will be brushing some of these minerals away that might weekend your teeth. It is better to brush your teeth before eating then if you want to do something after you eat just simply wash it with fluoride mouthwash.

Mouthwash, Dental Floss and Toothpaste

When it comes to oral hygiene, mouthwash, dental floss and toothpaste work hand in hand. However, these are basic products that help us to fight tooth cavities while other complex dental products are being performed only by a dentist. Most of these dental products contain fluoride — it will help to strengthen the enamel and prevent tooth decay. Using a mouthwash would also be great but it is not a good idea to wash right away after you brush your teeth because you are just flushing away fluoride and putting more with the same.

Mouthwash comes in handy, it will reach between teeth and protects you from cavity build up. It will also help if you have eaten an acidic food, it will refresh your mouth making it feel clean. Mouthwash can also reduce gum diseases and reduce plaque, it contains an amount of fluoride and an antiseptic agent that kills some of the bacteria your toothbrush misses.

The best time to do flossing is when you are brushing at night, Dental floss can go in between the teeth making sure that there is no food stuck in between the teeth. Floss can reduce your risk of gum inflammation and bad breath.

Visit your dentist…

Visit your dentist

Having a good oral hygiene is not entirely done by yourself, A dentist could help you to battle those issues about your mouth and gums. For adults that do not have any problems with their tooth, a yearly visit would be better. Once every six (6) months is okay if you really wish and very particular about the condition of your teeth. Maintaining a good oral hygiene should be always a practice for everyone, a good set of teeth reflects the wellness of your inner being. It is always best to take good care of your teeth, see your dentist!