Healthy impact of water birth for mother and child


The water birth method will be operational in the region and it is practicing in most hospitals in the Dubai. Making for moms to be to have an easier labor cutting out 60-70 % person of pain while giving birth.

Water birth proven to reduce pain.

baby-in-waterDue to the high medical considerations, water birth is now making a scene in the UAE, particularly in Dubai. According to the reports 60 -70 per cent of pain reduced while giving birth getting a lot of attention for pregnant women. Al Zahra hospital in Dubai inaugurated its first ever water birth department making it be one of the first hospitals in Dubai having this kind of facility. Dr. Yamini Dhar said that through water birth, there would be a minimum amount of anesthetic is needed.

Water birth is the new way of delivery making it for the moms to feel better and relaxed. Since the conception of water birth facilities in Dubai, big numbers of water birth procedures are in demand because it aims to reduce cesarean and ease labor pains. Aside from its pain reducing capabilities, water birth believes to be helpful creating relax atmosphere making for the delivery to not take longer.

Health impact for women

Since the beginning, water birth has been a practice during the ancient times because of its health impact for women. As time goes by, there are innovations and studies conducted on how to improve birth methods. That is why we are currently experiencing the return of water birth believing it to be healthy for women and child.

FamMost women choose water birth because it does really needs regional analgesia or anesthetic this will allow women to adopt which position they want while giving birth considering, of course, the water birth tub. Water supports 70 per cent of their body weight and, therefore, provides a great natural option for laboring women.

Water birth can also reduce pressure in the woman’s stomach and back allowing her to be in relaxes position. However, water birth procedures have its preconditions, women ages 17-35 with a normal full -term pregnancy and no gynecological complications would be best to undergo this kind of procedure.

We all know that women play a vital part in creating a family that is why it is best for them to give the best treatment while giving birth. Let them feel that giving birth is a wonderful thing that God has given to them and not a horrible experience of a life.