Benefits of meditation to your mind and body


With the hectic pace and demand of modern life we sure we need these words — Deep thinking, contemplation and concentration or simply “Meditation”. Sometimes because of our busy schedules we cannot even find time to take a break and relax from work. Have you ever heard about transcendental meditation? As they say this would help our mind and body to be at peace.

Over the past years, there have been lot studies stating helpful facts about transcendental meditation. What are the scientific basis on how the mind-body medicine and meditation can prevent and treat diseases like cardiovascular illness, depression and anxiety? Transcendental Meditation is executed while sitting comfortably and closing the eyes for 20 minutes doing it twice a day, this is to achieve quality rest of mind and body. Moreover, a study conducted stating that medication is linked to reduced blood pressure and mortality.

I listed here are the benefits of meditation to your mind and body.

no1. Can keep us away from depression and anxiety

Transcendental meditation is a good way to keep away from negative thoughts your mind is fabricating. It was published by the American Psychological Association stated transcendental meditation technique has a strong effects in limiting anxiety, negative emotions, traits anxiety and neuroticism.


2.  Reduce cardiovascular diseases

If you could practice transcendental meditation religiously, a study shows that it will lower your risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and death. According to the research led by Dr. Robert Schneider, director of the institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention at the Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, IA, that a stressed lifestyle and telomere dysfunction (a compound structure at the end of a chromosome that protect our genetic data) contribute to hypertension and cardiovascular disease that is why a quality meditation can help to minimise your risk to these serious diseases.

3. Improve immune system

Since our immune system responds to both negative and positive thoughts, meditation can create a positive mental environment for the immune system to become healthy. Continuous meditation boosts antibodies — a recent study shows that, after being given weekly meditation training for 8 weeks, 48 biotech workers had significantly higher levels of antibodies keeping them healthy and ready for work.

Creativity14. Can increase our creativity

A research has found the meditation can promote “divergent thinking” this is a type of thinking that allows many new ideas to be generated. Meditation can also help us to be mindfulness that affects our awareness and filtering out of other mental processes during creative tasks.


5. Helping us with stress management

Most of the neuroscientists recommend a continuous practice of meditation because one thing we actually don’t know as we continue to meditate our brain physically changes and reshaping itself. Meditation can activates the rest and digest part of our nervous system helping us in stress management.

6. Can increase our focus

Researchers have found that after completing 11 hours of meditation that there are improvements on our focus and self-control. Compared with people who did not meditate, those trained in meditation stayed on tasks longer and made fewer task switches.

7. Can improve relationships

A research conducted in married couples that mindfulness meditation could improve marital quality and communication. Couples that practice meditation shows improvement on how they treat and take importance at each other. Meditation can help you become more comfortable with yourself, that is why it will radiate from the outside making others to get along with you easily. Generally, meditation can improve relationship with everyone you meet.

Medical sciences still continue provide reliable data to further identify the benefits of meditation in the human mind and body. However, to put a strong point on the discussion — transcendental meditation allows our body to stay in shape, making it free from negative vibe cause by our environment and creating strong bond between relationships. It proves that meditation alleviates psychological and physiological stress making it a risk-free treatment and cure for certain condition.