Choosing between Raw and Pasteurised Milk

Toasting with Milk Glass

We were taught to drink milk and we were raised in a household where everybody is drinking milk. Most of us believe that milk is a thing of our childhood others living with it until now but do you still think drinking our regular store — bought pasteurised milk is healthy? Drinking pasteurised milk can even be dangerous to your health. Why? Here are the facts!

Raw Milk Vs. Pasteurised Milk

When I was a child I remember my mum becoming so pushy to drink my milk before I go to bed and so now that I am an adult, I still have my carton of milk — me, drinking every night knowing that its milk is good with my health. One day I checked one of the milk’s nutritional facts, and yes, according to what is written in the carton, milk does come with different vitamins and minerals.

As I grow older, It came to my knowledge that drinking raw milk is much healthier than those in store pasteurised milk. It’s just so happened that most of the milk in the grocery stores are pasteurised. Pasteurisation is the process in which milk, food or any liquid is heated to a specific temperature at a given time and then immediately cooled. In the pasteurisation process the milk is heated destroying enzymes that are why calcium is obstructed, it also alters the structure of amino acids present in the milk preventing the body to absorb other essential nutrients.

The goal is to kill potentially bad bacteria that may found into the milk supply. Undergoing a pasteurisation could also kill all good bacteria and damaging the vitamins, minerals and altering the natural qualities of proteins that may lead to some health issues. California — at least 1,300 people who got sick because of pasteurised milk and the world’s largest salmonella outbreak around June 1984 to April 1985 where over 200,00 sick and 18 deaths caused by a contaminated pasteurised milk. However, there is no single person has died drinking a raw milk for more than 10 years.

Raw Milk Vs. so-called Low-fat milk

low-fat-milkLow Fat milk may not be as healthy as we thought according to the study conducted in Harvard. Reduced — fat milk is high in sugar and may cause obesity says Harvard professor of paediatrics David Ludwig M.D. Others conclude that it is just a marketing ploy of the most dairy industry to sell low — quality milk from high producing breeds.

The raw truth about raw milk is the butterfat found in milk contains Vitamins A and D that is important in calcium production. Raw milk is also rich in fatty acids which protect against disease and boost the immune system. Linoleic Acid found in raw whole milk has strong anticancer properties.

More about raw milk…

Pasteurised Milk may cause you become lactose intolerant. In a study conducted in Michigan, that 80 % of the participants are lactose intolerant but upon drinking raw milk having without any problem.

Milk is being enjoyed all over the world. Milk can go with many variations; it comes with chocolate, strawberry, butter and other flavours. Milk does contain vitamin D but the health benefits and its hazards are still on debate.

Milk has antibacterial properties. Raw milk has lactic acid producing bacteria, it protects the milk from having pathogens.

raw milkRaw milk sale is legal in most European countries. In most European countries, raw milk is available in stores and even in some vending machine.

Raw Milk consists of predominantly water. Milk is a fluid secreted by the mammary glands of female mammals meant to provide nutrition for newborn babies. It usually contains protein, calcium and unsaturated fats.

Raw milk of today is making a way to reach every home proving its nutritional facts over this store-bought pasteurised milk. More and more is going raw milk believing that it is safe and nutritious. However, there still ongoing debate between raw milk and pasteurised milk beneficial nutritious factors. Milk is considered to be one of the today’s staple foods so we should be vigilant and knowledgeable about these issues associated with milk.