How much can you pay for a good medical checkup?


A medical checkup is done to know the overall health of our body, ask your doctor to more if there are underlying issues of that simple headache, chest pain, or that regular fever. However, having it done might shell out so much of your budget. We know that healthcare is expensive that is why the budget is one of the common considerations.

I listed some of the various options for healthcare services in dentistry, maternity and family medicine that can help us to think on how to spend wisely in medical checkups even without sacrificing the quality of the treatment.

Dental checkup

Mouth checkup
Mouth checkup

Visiting a dentist would cost same as in general practitioner but some would cost even higher depending on the dentist’s experience, location and type of treatments. Dentist consultation would vary in prices but for people with health insurance, the consultation would be free.

Dental procedures can vary in many factors such as the location, type of treatment and experience.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates — In Karama, there are clinics that offer low-cost consultation while others are free. If you do not have health insurance a regular consultation is free at Dr. Joy Dental Clinic but if you go to Jumeirah branch would charge you 200AED for a checkup.

A regular checkup at Iranian Hospital would cost 120AED while 150AED in Cedars Jebel Ali International Hospital. Prime Hospital would place your budget at 200AED and 250AED in the clinic of the same provider. 290AED for a regular checkup in Zulekha Hospital, Lifeline Hospital for 350AED, American Hospital for 400AED, Zahra Hospital for 425AED, Medcare for 520AED, while Mediclinic offers the same for 553AED in most of their clinics.

Maternity and Childbirth

Maternity and ChildbirthChild delivery may ranges from 7000AED to 25000AED depending on the type of labour whether it is normal or caesarian section and room expenses. If you opted to be in a shared room and in a normal delivery the price would be cheaper on the other hand cesarean section and in a private room expect a much higher price.

You can check these hospitals if you are normal delivery in a semi-private room, Iranian Hospital charges 7000AED only for the procedure while Aster Hospital offers 7200AED of the same procedure. Zulekha for 7,500AED

C-section cost is much higher, others have doubles price. You can check Aster Hospital they charge 15,200AED in a shared room while in a lesser price Zulekha Hospital with 12,500AED for the same procedure. However, these hospitals are considered budget friendly when it comes to this procedure, prices may vary summing up all bills from the hospital.

If you will compare in Aster Hospital delivery in a private room costs 9,200AED up to 14,200AED if you wish to have VIP room. For cesarean section would cost really higher up from 18,200AED up to 28,200.

In some mid-range fields, the cost of the childbirth will most likely up to 10,000AED above. A shared room in Zahra Hospital charges 10,950AED, Medcare Hospital 11,500AED, American Hospital 11,950AED and City Hospital 14,000AED.

If you are in C-section, Medcare Hospital 20,570AED and 25,000 in Wellcare Hospital.

Family Medical Care

Family Medical CareWhenever you are having simple colds, fever and worrying pain, general doctors are always at your service. It depends on the specialists how much he/she would cost on a regular checkup while the location may also affect the price be it on public or private hospitals. According to my research, the cheapest would be in Aster Clinic that only charge for 50AED for a good checkup. However, Bur Dubai and Deira area house good hospitals that offer a little higher cost for checkups for about 100AED.

I listed here some of the hospitals and their checkup cost.


Dr. Joseph Clinic (Karama)   100AED
Prime Hospital                       100AED
Iranian Hospital                     120AED
Cedars Jebel Ali Intl Hsp       150AED
Zulekha Hospital                    210AED
Medicentre                            300AED
Medcare                                400AED
Intl Modern Hospital              500AED
Zahra Hospital                       525AED
American Hospital                 573AED

Although some of the hospitals are known for their budget friendly some would still vary on the location. In Bur Dubai, Deira and Jebel Ali you will surely save a lot but if you are in a prime location such as in Dubai Marina, JBR and gated communities like Arabian Ranches prices will shoot up.

Aster Clinic in Bur Dubai only charges 100AED while in Dubai Marina you will get same service 170AED and 300AED in Arabian Ranches. While Prime Healthcare group offers a budget-friendly consultation in its hospitals; patients are charged a slightly higher fee of Dh150 in its clinic.

If we are looking for a quality medical care make sure we are getting the ones that are reasonable regardless of the location, the most important is the quality of healthcare service we received. I hope that these simple tips will be helpful for you especially now that you are looking for a quality yet reasonable health care.