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Building Number 73. Street 26, District 1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital is a comprehensive medical and cosmetic facility that accommodates the needs of the region by providing optimal care, services, training, and public awareness. Its medical team consists of world-renowned dermatologists, cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive specialists, head and neck, oral and maxillofacial surgeons – all of whom specialize in cosmetic medicine.

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  1. The Joint Commission Accreditation Program

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Bonita Marcella
I had breast implant placed about 2 years ago. I absolutely love them. I'm way more confident in my own skin and my husband is happy because I'm able to enjoy our time together more without being self-conscious and such. I highly recommend American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital.
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I would say that one of the best hospitals in the UAE is the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital. I came to see Dr. Hasan Ali regarding my sagging skin on my arms. Maybe the reason why I gained this much is because of my two pregnancies, I usually out of my diet and my exercise prior to my first pregnancy. At first I tried tummy tuck in another hospital but unfortunately I am not very much satisfied about the result. I chose this clinic because of their accreditations for both doctors and of the hospitals. I checked their facilities and equipment they are world class plus the team of experienced doctors. One time I did a research regarding vaser lipo thinking that this would be the best for me. Moving on consultation with Dr. Hasan became successful, he advice me to go with vaser liposuction because the treatment would not leave any scarring on my arms and it will also target the muscles. He provided me the right treatment, one by one he discussed me what are things they are going to do with regard to the vaser lipo treatment. He, together with his staff were so nice to me. I am extremely happy with the outcome of the surgery. My arms now looked perfect with less than 12 cm than what they were before. I took advantage of the procedure because of its no scarring, it will just leave you with small dot that disappeared with time. Personally, I will recommend the vaser lipo surgery and Dr. Hasan Ali to those planning to do same procedure. If you are concerned with the amount I spent during the vaser lipo treatment, I would say that it was way cheaper compared to those surgical options for this area of the body plus the recovery period is within less time.
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They say I got thin skin that is why it ages really fast than normal. My jowls and neck starting to have noticeable sags. My place is near in American Academy of cosmetic surgery hospital that is why I think it would be convenient for me to go and start a consultation. My worries are easily been solved and I decided to do something about it, my doctor and I choose a procedure known as thread lift and I got dermal fillers too. Dr. Firas Hamdan was really the best and shout out to her assistants for taking care of me. They are very fun and so light to be with, they helped me with my nerves of needles knowing that they need to administer medicines using injections. I would say that the only worse part of the procedure is the needles but once my face is numb everything is okay. I enjoyed a lot when I see my tightened neck and my jowls are lifted. Somehow it will only last for a few years, maybe less considering my skin being thick but I enjoyed seeing the effect “ It’s like a full face lift!” American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital is a good place to go having its world class facilities, equipment, professional doctors and staff. The treatment is a little bit pricey and only last few years, so I would recommend patients to undergo into something permanent if they can afford it. Honestly, as of now I cannot afford something more permanent so I think this would be the best choice so far. For 27,000 AED I received these treatments: thread lift and Dermal fillers. Yeah I know it's a little bit pricey but now I am enjoying and happy with the result.
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I did the blepharoplasty in this hospital and liked it on all levels. The facilities are nice, clean and comfortable, all staff is friendly and professional. I would defenatly recommend this place for someone who is planning to do plastic surgery or any related treatment
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