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Arabian Ranches Community, P O Box 282602, Dubai, UAE. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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About clinic

Arabian Ranches is a facility for Arabian Ranches residents to be proud of. Operated in accordance with the highest international medical standards, our dedicated staff members are trained to take the very best care of every patient’s needs.

This premium clinic offers the most advanced medical equipment, diagnostic imaging centre and a vast range of specialist medical services, delivered by highly qualified physicians and nursing staff.

Services available at Mediclinic Arabian Ranches include:
— Dentistry
— Dermatology
— Family Medicine
— Obstetrics & Gynaecology
— Orthopaedics
— Paediatrics
— Physiotherapy
— Urology

Operated by Mediclinic Middle East, which also owns Mediclinic Welcare Hospital, Mediclinic City Hospital and seven other Mediclinic in premium locations around Dubai, we also invite visiting specialists from across the Mediclinic group to provide support in other disciplines.

Languages spoken

  • Arabic
  • English


  1. Dubai Health Authority
  2. Ministry of Health – UAE (MOH)

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On 4th of June I took my daughter to Arabian ranches clinic as she was suffering of high fever and abdomen pain with vomiting all night! I already made an appointment for 10 am and we manage to see the doctor ( Dr Delia Fayyad) at 10.10 am which was acceptable ( means only 10 min delay)! However, after seeing the doctor and having a swab taken from my daughter's throat, I was explained that it would take only 10 min for the result will be ready so she can proscribe the antibiotics! By then my daughter temperature was already 40°c, she was very lethargic and still having the urge to vomit every few min!! Her temperature was not coming down despite giving her brofen in the clinic! Dr Delia saw two more patient which took another half an hour and still I did not hear anything from the nurse or doctor regarding the swab result or any other feedback! While my daughter was burning hot , I asked the nurse about the swab result and she explained that the result was ready and given to doc Delia and we are the next one to be seen! But after another 10 min waiting in my surprise doc Delia called the next patient and when the nurse explained to her that it is our turn she said that she wants to see that patient first!! When I asked the nurse she was confused how to explain this to me so finally she said that the patient had a respiratory emergency!!! I saw that kid walking happily and smiling into the doctors room and I also work in medical field! There was nothing emergency about that child as she was sitting and playing nicely in the waiting room in front of my eyes and definitely no respiratory emergency while my daughter was not able to sit anymore and lying on my lab and we are waiting for a prescription that only takes 5min to write!!! When I complained and ask to see the manager Ms Shaaista, I was told by her that it is the doc decision who she should see first and if I am not happy I can leave!!! Can you believe I leave with a child who has 40°c fever, lethargic on my lab and vomiting! This was her solution !!!! From the time that swab result was ready til when we got the prescription took 50min! Dr Delia didn't even need to see us , it basically took 5 min for her to write a prescription and she even could do it between the patient but she decided to keep us for 50 min as she has to decide when she can write the prescription (as per Ms shaaista the manager of the clinic)!!! TERRIBLE experience !! Very STESSFUL!!! Extremely unfriendly!! Even my daughter said that she does not want to visit this doctor and the clinic ever again !!
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  • Physical Therapist Consultation enquiry
  • Physiotherapist Consultation enquiry

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