Seoul Gangnam(Chungdam) Wooridul Hospital

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445, Hakdong-ro. Seoul, South Korea

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Wooridul Spine Hospital has been focusing on Spine Treatment for last 32 years based on high-tech equipments and excellence doctors with long experience. We have investigated and developed an advanced spinal surgical technique, the Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery(MISS), that preserves as much of the normal disc tissues as possible and meets patients’ expectations for minimal scarring and fast recovery with reduced complications.
In addition, Wooridul Hospital has developed joint treatments as well, which need continuous care. Many patients, who have spinal disease, are also suffering from joint problems and vice versa. The advantage of treating both diseases in the same hospital is that we are able to provide more effective treatments for patients’ better quality of life.
Wooridul Hospital’s medical research and study are also our strong points. We keep doing scientific validation and sharing skillful experiences on our treatment field so that we could prove what treatment is better for patients.
For over 10 years, Wooridul International Patients Center has been providing high quality and customized services to patients from all around the world in regard to online medical consultation, interpret service, reservation and supporting service, etc. International Patients Center consists of global coordinators of English, Arabic, Russian and Mongolian. Based on the treatment principle of ‘love and respect for humanity’, we considered patient’s culture and demand as priority while they stay in Korea.

Languages spoken

  • Arabic
  • English
  • Japanese
  • Mongolian
  • Russian

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Treatments & procedures

  • Cervical: Fusion & Micro-Discectomy enquiry
  • Disc Surgery enquiry
  • Lumbar: Micro-Lumbar Discectomy enquiry
  • Percutaneous vertebroplasty and spinal reconstruction enquiry