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About Dr. Dr. Shameer Hameed

Dr. Shameer brings 12 years of experience in consulting Urological Procedures and Renal Transplantation and acting as a Lead Consultant for Inpatient Acute Urological Management with specialization in Endourology works. Adroit in monitoring the healthcare process,he is a keen participant in the quality improvement process programs.He is particularly proficient in handling emergency cases,exercises superior analytical skills on case histories & rendering medical solutions

Clinical Expertise and Services Offered:

Renal Transplantation
Inpatient Acute Urological Management
Male Sexual Dysfunction
Male Infertility
Sexually Transmitted Disease
Pediatric Urology
Female Urology
Stone Clinic
Benign Hyperplasia of Prostate
Uro – oncology

Languages spoken

  • English
  • Hindi


MBBS, MS (General Surgery), MCH (urology),

Licenses / Permits

  1. Specialist Urologist

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