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About Dr. Sudhanshu Dev Singh

After DM he was working in Kanpur, India in prominent hospital and in 2012 shifted to Dubai as Specialist endocrinology in Zulekha hospital Dubai. After finishing 2 years in Zulekha he has joined prime hospital. He has presented scientific papers in numerous international and national conferences and CME programs all over India and UAE.

— Diabetes mellitus
— Thyroid dysfunction
— Obesity
— Osteoporosis
— Growth abnormalities
— Menstruation abnormalities
— Hypogonadism, development of breast in male
— Polycystic ovarian disease, excessive hairs in females
— Disorders of pituitary gland, hyperprolactinemia
— Disorder of calcium metabolism, vitamin d deficiency
— Adrenal problems

Languages spoken

  • English
  • Hindi


After completing MBBS in 2003 and M.D. in internal medicine in 2006, he did superspecilaization in Endocrinology and diabetes( DM )in 2010 from SGPGI Lucknow, india.,

Licenses / Permits

  1. DHA Licensed

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